Perhaps the best thing about being a student is the wonderfully shit reputation you have to live up.  Everyone expects you to spend all your money on Blue Velvet posters, horse tranquiliser and coco pops.  So you might as well, nay must, fulfill your purpose as a trampy waster (with intelligence) for three years.  One such way to do this is by holding all night parties with controversial themes. In this case, Bad Fucking Taste.

Because when students come together life goals, aspirations and dreams are all put aside to find a common ground.  A place of acceptance.

I found my special place at 24 Lily Crescent.

Photographer - Me.

I was responsible for this mess. I am the person everyone tries to avoid. As the photographer I enjoy telling people to shut up and smile - authority is fun. Sadly people were too scared of ruining their future ‘careers’. Fuck off.  Nobody here is going to make it.

Outfit Rating: 5/10.


The german-part-jewish boy. The obvious and wholly distasteful choice was always going to be Hitler, but you know, complications got in the way. And someone had already bags’d it.

Outfit Rating: 8/10.


The selfish girl who threw this horrible soiree. She made the 2 german boys feel incredibly uncomfortable with her homemade velvet swastika.

Outfit Rating: 7/10.

Joseph Fritzel

The man, the myth, the legend. With a baby hanging out of his briefs, a bottle of wine in one hand, a condom in the other and a smile on his face, this boy is oh so convincing.

Outfit Rating: 10/10.


Didn’t, quite, understand. She did have a price list though, which read; Plucky Plucky £5, Sucky Sucky £10, Fucky Fucky £20. Inventive, and so reasonably priced.

Outfit Rating: 4/10.

Anne Frank

Came out of the roof just for the momentous occasion - that diary must be so fucking smelly.

Outfit Rating: 6/10.

Ian Huntley

Perfectly executed. This boy has even written a song dedicated to Ian Huntley. He like, worships the ground he walks on. Maxine Carr was around, but she disappeared - Holly and Jessica nipped over in their Man Utd shirts too. Ian seduced one of the girls again too, for old times sake. It was like being in Soham all over again.

Outfit Rating: 9/10.

Fuck Head

The 2 girls in the background are clearly bitching about the girl who took too much ketamine and passed out.

Outfit Rating: 0/10.

‘Ketamine - building bridges since 1988.’

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