So each week we are going to do a review on a photography zine/book. If you have any photo zines/books you would like us to review, send us an e-mail and we will give you a forwarding address. The first zine I would like to show you is by the late artist Dash Snow.

“I’d rather drink muddy water than sleep in a hollow log” was released in 2007 and though not a new zine this amazing collection of photographs is what inspired me with my last project of photos i took in New York City. Dash Snow was all ways there to catch the action. His photos looked deeply into the the worlds of sex, drugs, hate, love and beauty. I heard that before he died he was planning on doing a huge boxset of zines, which would have been amazing.Dash Snow made books and zines with friends Dan Colen, Jack Walls and Jade Berreau and made many that have never seen the light of day. His zines now go from around £50-£150 pounds and after his death prices soared on e-bay.

As a huge fan of his work I wanted to show you some of the pages of this great zine and if you ever come across any of the books buy them.