Sparky Deathcap came into our office earlier this week to record a Christmas song on video. We didn’t know what to expect, since he hadn’t said what he’d be singing and we’d given him a completely open choice. He chose to re-work the The Holly and the Ivy into a haunting folk ballad, which was really something special. It captures everything that’s beautiful about this time of year, with people returning to their families through the frozen countryside, and the desolation of winter coupled with Christmas cheer.

Arriving with not much rehearsal, he nailed it on about the fourth take, with the outro being punctuated by the sound of police sirens outside in the street. Amid the broken glass and graffiti of the grotto, Sparky said that it felt like we were about to be kicked out of a squat. His favourite Christmas song is ‘Little Saint Nick’ by the Beach Boys, and top of his Christmas list is a top hat. What a gentleman.

Tear Jerky EP by Sparky Deathcap is available now.