Putting several men on a bus and sending them packing around the country can give mixed results. While the members of Oasis are guaranteed to reduce the I.Q. of the townsfolk of wherever they visit by several per cent, Keane leave behind a selection of used Tena Lady wherever they’ve been. With OLO Worms, you end up with a natty jumble of pictures and video assembled by men who look like they only took Pritt stick, some old technology and a Red Dwarf DVD box set with them on their travels.

They’ve been touring with their folky labelmates James Yorkston, King Creosote and the Pictish Trail, and have put together a collage of strange tat for Platform readers to marvel at [see below]. The band’s James Hankins best explains their methods:

“We chose to melt our photos together because we are bang into homemade soups at the moment. We’re gonna use the off cuts from the photos that are on my floor at the moment and use them to make fancy new clothes to record our new music in. A photo of a hat makes a nice hat. We’re all about ‘the look’ you see. I’d say our music contains many different images and within those main images you can hear all the other little torn out strips of magazine that were once a celebrity’s circled cellulite that have been stuck together to make a drum sound or something.”

Your Guess is as good as mine.