I got mighty peckish this week and my cupboards were bare. I thought it was high time I did my weekly shop.

I always enjoy this, particularly in Chinese supermarkets, which are exceptional places.  They really spoil you in there. In fact, my problem is that I always want too much of everything. You’ll understand why….

Oh they left the toenails on! THANK GOD, I hate it when they boil them off…

Who buys rice by the bag anymore? I want rice by the 1000 acre paddy field plantation. A girl shared my feelings on this.

These supermarket guys crack me up! Of course when selling live crabs we should make people think they’re reaching into a huge vagina to get them. Genius.

Only 15.80! I need to swap my basket for a trolly.

The weather is sunny and sweet, girls stroll by in bikinis, the smell of barbecuing chicken hangs in the air while the pea flavoured ice melts softly in your mouth. Oh could it be anything other than summer time baby?

Damn, already have 6′892′098 of these in my collection.

I’m sure I’ve seen these before. Yes that’s right, when I was 7 my mission was to kill all of these before they invaded earth.

Do you even know what food group live eels go in? I do. The ‘Delicious’ group, that’s what.

A poor man’s live eel, but it still sets your taste buds alight and well worth five days diarrhoea.

Revolutionary confectionery. According to legend, in the 14th century, when the Mongols ruled China, a revolutionary named Chu Yuan Chang planned an uprising against them. He used these mooncakes to pass along the date of the uprising to the Chinese by replacing the yolk in the centre of the mooncake with the message written on rice paper.  Fact there for you.

I don’t know what these are but I know I want them inside me NOW.

Large, tasty, healthy, and great with butter but not to be confused with it’s younger sister ’sea kitten.’

Floating in my soup…