Conor Mccombe wrote the following into us:

im Conor other wise known as McCombe
im 17 im at st charles college in ladbroke grove
im a “posh kid” stuck in harlesden
im in a band were unsigned atm
im into harcore punk, grime and mathrock nowadays
other then music my life consists of getting Choooong and drinking red stripe
ive always been into journalism and writing
and i hate straight edge kids, underage raves and topman
thats about it really
thanks conor x

Naturally we asked him to come in for a chat, he turned up, within 3 minutes we had agreed he should do a feature on him and his friends ‘getting choooong’. Armed with a dictaphone and some disposables off he went, four months later here it is.


I get to Kilburn to meet my friend Yassine - we know each other because I threw up on him at a rave. Awkward moments aside, we go to a South Kilburn estate and enter something that resembles a crack den. With smashed-in doors, a distinct lack of carpeting, and graffiti everywhere - you could forgive me for assuming no one lived there. We enter the darkest room in the house to see a blonde 19-year-old with dilated eyes watching Battle Star Galactica. I’ve learnt over the years that the people who on first meeting seem to be the most dodgy, are actually the safest. Just don’t get too mashed whilst walking through an estate that makes Kidulthood look like George Sampson’s wet dream.

Kojack lives in a shit hole, plays World of Warcraft and watches Battle Star Galactica.

The only wall in the flat that isn't covered in dirt, graffiti, or excrement

“once I munched a family mix from Sam’s Chicken - 8 pieces of chicken, 4 fillet burgers, and 4 chips. It’s the most food I’ve ever consumed in one day”

I know Yassine through squat raves. Apparently he has a urine fetish (I hope this isn't true). When he’s high he chats utter shit - 'When I’m high, my imagination goes wild and I feel like I’m really there, in a story or some shit. Imagine being a super hero and having some supreme strength'.

Randy is hilarious. We’ve known each other since our Crash Bandicoot nights: “One Thursday I smoked so much weed, like, untold amounts of weed. I was so fucking hungry I got a ‘buy one get one free’ pizza, then ten minutes later munched a kebab and chips. For desert I got two fat tubs of Hagen Daaz and fell asleep a couple of hours later. When I woke up it was Saturday”.


Warcraft is hood.

Look Closely at the TV screen and you can Steve Austin's epic manliness