There’s this game called MY DAD IS STRONGER THAN YOURS.

My friend Goran and I played it last week. It’s really fun and we think you should try it! All you need is a photo camera and a friend from another city.

1. Decide how long will the game last (for example: 12 hours)

2. The taller player starts the game.

3. The first player takes a photo of anything he or she wants.

4. The first player then sends a text to the second player, not necessarily connected to the photo they have just taken.

5. The second player then responds to your text with a photo inspired by the received text.

6. Now roles switch and it is the second player’s turn to send a photo and text.

7. Continue alternately ad-nauseum.

8. Share the final product on the internet.

It is helpful if you date the photo somehow. This is where those old film cameras with the date function come into their own.

I live in Belgrade, Goran lives in Zagreb. We’ ve decided to start the game when the sun was setting and end it in the sunrise.

I’m taller so I’ve started…

A postcard, it’s cloudy, there’s some silver.


—next player—


A cheeseburger, my fingers are freezing, she’s not there.


—next player—


Bus line 26 goes to the river, we’ve seen a ghost.


—next player—



My dad is stronger then yours!


—next player—


Women also read Playboy.


—next player—


Hookers and whisky.



—next player—


In the club there is: disco ball, speakers, air conditioning, ornaments.



—next player—


Steps, caution.


—next player—


A corridor, and a balcony, and a portrait, and all kinds of stuff. The sun is almost up.


Let me know if you play this game. You should, it’s fun.