It was such a nice day today I couldn’t just sit at my desk, this could be the last sunny day before the soggy gloom of the Great British winter kicks in. So I decided to seize the day and visit Roger Hiorns installation in South London.

But I didn’t do this for my own enjoyment, I did it so that those of you who can’t make to Seizure can experience by proxy this amazing work (is it still philanthropy if you really enjoy doing it?)

So here we go. I took this picture so I didn’t have to bother writing down opening times for you all, but if you want more info go here.

Once past the sign you walk into this derelict estate.

There’s an old tree in the center of the court and mottled brown leaves are dotted along the old concrete. It may be derelict it’s still nicer than where I live, thanks Hackney Homes!

I went with my Austrian friend Lisa - she’s the one with the yellow bag on the right.

Once you get let in by the polite chap on the door there is a corridor, which is just like a normal flat. Then you round a corner and get your first glimpse…

Venture further and this greets you. Every wall is coated with blue crystals which apparently were produced by pumping liquid copper sulphate into the building.  I think that’s wrong, I’m pretty sure it was done by black magic.

One of the best things about Seizure is that you can touch anything. Too little art is this “hands on”.

The crystals feel hard, cold, and almost sharp. It’s a really strange environment - simultaneously harsh and tranquil.

Lisa wanted to know what they tasted like - remember she is foreign.

Here I am enjoying the experience. Also, a tip for the lads - I reckon this would be a great place to meet arty girls. I saw two or three cuties in and around the place and that was only in 30 minutes.

Around the corner, tucked away behind two pillars, you find this bath.

This was bound to happen.

It’s also really dark in there so you can mess about with your camera and slow shutter speeds like this.

Then you go back out into the real world knowing you’ve seen something special.

It was such a great experience to visit Seizure. It’s art you can really get involved with and I came away feeling happy and enthused - it’s honestly better than Prozac. I can’t encourage you strongly enough to get down there.

It’s creator, Roger Hiorns is up for the Turner Prize this year - I hope he wins.