You wanna see my buddy’s Garbage Pail Kids collection? I was at his house while he was tidying his room and he came across a very ordered photo album with them in, which is weird because most people just got those things and stuck them on their beds and skateboards, and this guy isn’t the kind of guy who is usually that ordered, his room is in an appalling state (see above).

For those of you who don’t know, Garbage Pail Kids are these trading cards from the eighties that had all these babies doing gross shit on them, they were made as a kind of fuck you to the Cabbage Patch Kids (or Cabbage Patch Dolls, as they were called in Britain), which were for sissies and girls. In fact, during the height of the Garbage Pail Kids’ popularity, Topps was sued by the makers of Cabbage Patch Kids, Coleco, for trademark infringement.

Garbage Pail Kids are A LOT -considering eight year olds are the people who like trading cards the most- all the characters are meeting terrible fates or have horrific deformities, there’s cross-dressing, mutilation and making fun of fat kids and everything!

Here are some Garbage Pail Kids, click through to make the images bigger.