Best of Flickr XIII - Animals

Best of Flickr: Animals are crazy.Real crazy. More
Posted by Matthew Martin on 19/11/09, COMMENTS (1)
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Lukasz Wierzbowski Platform Exclusive

Lukasz Wierzbowski is one of my favorite photographers. I asked him if he could send us some exclusive work just for for Platform. He very kindly did. More
Posted by Matthew Martin on 13/11/09, COMMENTS (6)
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A few words with Nina Hartmann

We talk to Nina Hartmann, a 19 year old photographer currently living in Chicago. This is a selection of some of her new work and some of my favourite older images that I couldn't not feature.. Should I even bother backing up her photography? Just: amazing. More
Posted by Jess Gough on 12/11/09, COMMENTS (10)
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EXTEENS is finally here

The brand spankin' new photobook from Blood of the Young More
Posted by Jess Gough on 10/11/09, COMMENTS (1)
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you can never have too many zines

So each week we are going to do a review on a photography zine/book. If you have any photo zines/books you would like us to review, send us an e-mail and we will give you a forwarding address. The first zine I would like to show you is by the late artist Dash Snow. More
Posted by Matthew Martin on 04/11/09, COMMENTS (3)
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From Belgrade with love!

My name is Mate Ugrin, I'm one of the new Photo Editors at Platform. I thought in order to introduce myself and where I'm from, I'd post up some photos by friends of mine, which I hope will successfully represent the city we live in - Belgrade, Serbia. More
Posted by Mate Ugrin on 02/11/09, COMMENTS (1)
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this week's freakiest from our Flickr Group. More
Posted by Jess Gough on 29/10/09, COMMENTS (1)
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