I recently attended the former Mirror!Mirror!’s Cardio-Vascular album launch gig in North London, for the first time under their brand new moniker, and the show these boys put on was nothing short of spectacular. Swinging from light-posts, breaking drumsticks, all in a messy, sweaty cider bath that you had to see to believe.


Hi Boys!
hello there.

Where on earth are you now, and what are you doing?
in my bedroom, in my house, in Nuneaton, in Warwickshire, in England, in the United Kingdom listening to Dimlite answering your questions.

Loving the album artwork, slight deviation from babies in wombs though, what’s the inspiration behind it?
The human body, especially cardio-vascular & circulatory systems. We got a lot of ideas working out on treadmills, cross trainers & rowing machines. From the title ‘cardio-vascular’ Luke & Alex drew up some sketches & lay-outs which Steve Fessey produced & put his own stamp on.

What do you want people to take away, as they leave your shows, I’ve heard they get pretty ‘raucous’? (by heard, I really mean ’seen’, and by seen, I mean I’ve had to hold back a mate).
Ha ha…you shouldn’t of held them back, a bit of intimacy is always good at shows! Our shows change daily though, according to who we play with and where we play. We are all perfectionists. We just want people to take away memories. Good, bad & ugly ones. We always leave an impression, we’re not the sort of band you can ignore…

What is Youves having for dinner?
You’ll usually find us eating some sort of steak with the exception of Mike who is vegetarian. Today I opted for Lamb steaks with boiled potatoes, spinach, tomatoes & gravy.

Favourite thing(s) in the world right now?
▪ Alex’s brother Carl having two broken hands
▪ the weather
▪ Paul White - The Strange Dreams of…LP
▪ £££
▪ some greensleeves reggae
▪ wakeboarding
▪ football transfer gossip
▪ Frank parkers quality meats
▪ Peri Peri


Alladin’s Rave - Youves

Youves - Alladin’s Rave