Last week, I attended the screening of the All Tomorrow’s Parties film which documented the development of the festival with a mixture of fan footage and freaked out live performances. Although not quite capturing the brilliance of the festival (mainly because I wasn’t in it), it did nonetheless remind me of the many equally incredible and ridiculous moments I’ve experienced while attending these antiquated holiday resorts over the last ten years. Or as my friend astutely put it, the film just made her “want to get totally fucked”. Righteous.

In the spirit of the film’s best bits and noting that they’re just about to celebrate their ten year anniversary, I asked some of my friends to send me their favourite ATP photos and stories. If the below doesn’t make you wish you were at Butlins perched on a grassy knoll under the blazing sun with beer coursing down your chin and a truckers tan emerging on your pallid arms, then you don’t like fun. You don’t like life.

Kevin, ATP vs Pitchfork 2008

Owen, ATP April 2000

“Smashing a window and getting wasted scousers chucked out before a band had played. Arab Strap asking me to lend 10p for air hockey. Kicking off with Alfie, twice. Playing footy against Alfie on the beach thinking they were just Northern whingers (which is all they are). Steve Lamacq’s PA saying ”Er, Steve Lamacq no longer wishes to speak to you” after annihilating him with abuse. Taylor and me getting gayed up by his Elvis-lookalike assistant. John Peel telling you to fuck off for being a celebrity pest. You being a celebrity pest. Ganey getting cock dropped. Waking up on the Saturday to find burnt tea spoons in the bathroom left by last night’s guests. Sombreros. Wire. Hoods up. Pure last night willing to kill.”

Bailey, ATP vs The Fans 2007

Ryan, millions of ATPs

“Dancing with Jo Mangle dressed like an arab. Driving a train. Smashing a window. Breaking my mind. Telling Stuart Braithwaite that I really liked his band, ‘Belle and Sebastian’. Screaming at Vincent Gallo to punch a punchbag in the arcade: “HIT IT, GALLO!”. The racist idiot curated the worst ATP ever. I am not always a prick. ATP brings out the best in me”

Ellie, The Fans Strike Back 2009

“This is my friend Elizabeth [hi, Ms Sankey]. She’s allowing me to take her new Facebook profile picture while I weep into the viewfinder with jealousy, clinging to the moment when Andrew WK pointed at me and said (in capitals, of course) ‘YOU MAKE ALL THIS POSSIBLE’. Kind of thought this one would work out differently.”

“Photographic proof of why when anyone tells you there’s a great secret chalet gig at ATP (and that it’s probably some impromptu Hold Steady set or something like that), you should smack them round the face for trying to trick you into seeing two fucking hippies with the lights on wailing over a drone.” [Love the camera in the background here - they're filming this, why exactly?]

“Butlins and Pontins are littered with awkward family photo props - the key to a good ATP photo album is utilising these opportunities everytime they arise.”

Liam, Mars Volta Nightmare Before Xmas 2005

“My first ATP was fun - brutal fun. There was a trench mentality - the facilities were Belsen-esque, the weather was miserable and the staff fucking loathed us (Mastodon and High On Fire fans kicking down the stalls in the gents and ripping out the toilet bowls certainly didn’t help). Our response was to test the limits of our bodies, each of us a casualty of our own excess. None more so than a chap I met stood by a hotdog stall.

After discussing the quality of sausage meat available, he suggested we get a drink. And then another. And another. And another. By the time my new friend Dudley Perkins accepted defeat it was time for him to get onstage. The most enduring memory was seeing Perkins desperately trying to lead a call and response with the crowd. He looked and sounded like a cripple drinking Fairy Liquid. A friend turned to me and asked “What have you done?” [I remember this - what you did Liam, was ruin a man's shot at the Big Time]. Looking back, I can only say that we were reckless in the pursuit of enjoyment and survival. Still, if you’re out there, I’m sorry Dudley.”

Brendan, Explosions In The Sky ATP 2008

Elizabeth, My whole life is ATP

“I don’t want anyone new to start going to ATP.  I’m sorry Stephen, but that’s just the way I feel. I first went when I was 17, and there was no one cool there - just loads of men in flares in beards and I think that my group contained the only females in attendance.  It was amazing.  Autechre curated and we saw Aphex Twin in a weird dark room surrounded by Pontins posters of cuddly bears and bingo.  It was bright sunlight outside and basically one of the greatest moments of my life.  But since then it’s grown and grown, and each year it becomes bigger and more successful.  Urgh.  Don’t bloody start coming. I’ve been every year since then, and each one is a treasure chest of incredible moments and endless photo albums.  Here are some of them.”

“For some reason this year we started posing by everything in this one-knee-up-cupping-the-chin-stance.  No idea why, but as you can see, it’s clearly hilarious.

“They have an arcade there.  And a 24hr Pizza Hut. BUT STILL, PLEASE DON’T COME (that’s what your mum said).”

“It’s also by the sea OK? Yeah it’s as beautiful as it is fun and chock full of amazing bands.  Oh god, who am I kidding.  Everyone should go, I can’t keep something so perfect locked up in my cold little heart.”

Reading that back, I’m now more impatient that ever for the MBV/Sonic Youth ATP to roll round in December (and just don’t mention the 10 year anniversary show the week after - I can’t afford both). Feel free to add in your favourite ATP moments below.