On Halloween night I packed myself into the guitar player of Pissed to the Eye’s tiny 2nd floor apartment with too many drunk kids in bad costumes to count. His lease was up, the furniture was out, and it was time to party. Since I’m sure none of you Brits know, Pissed to the Eye is a party punk band from Toronto. Go to their myspace and listen to them while you read this. Then make your rich record exec. parents to fly them over for a UK tour. They’ll blow up, you’ll have a lot of fun. Anyways, here’s some photos of what happened by Matt Griffin and myself along with some words I had with their singer. Pissed to the Eye is Brad Catleugh, Matt Papadopoulos, Braedyn Facer, Kris Gyivicsan, and Neil Coxworth.

Fake beards were a theme of the night

“Neil says: I wouldn’t be a good representation of Pissed… I’m just the drummer and I don’t do hard drugs. Basically I’m the lamest member.”

T. Reilly Hodgson: We were going to ask Neil some questions as well but he basically just said he was a pussy. What do you think about that?
Brad Catleugh: Na no way! Neil hits the drums harder then he hits his own dick. But then again he has a girlfriend so he doesn’t have to hit his shit, haha. So maybe he is just a big pussy. Neil kills the drums.

TRH: So what happened to your old drummer? I remember an old man trying to shut your set down at a house show once and he refused to play, even though we had gotten the power back on and everything.
BC: Yeah, our old drummer Brandon, solid dude, great friend, but just didn’t have the attitude to keep rolling with the destruction path Pissed is on. That night sorta set a direction for us. Cops or no cops, pissed off family or dad’s dead in the ditch, we should have played. After that we knew that if we weren’t fucking up everyone’s night we weren’t playing right.

TRH: I think that sounds about right.
BC: You have been to our shows… Its the weirdest thing ’cause its like Pissed to the Eye goes in reverse. The shows are getting grimier and the people are getting more and more fucked up to the point where the shows hardly make sense and it’s just a pile of fucking noise, sweat, beers, and raging teens. Its fucking great though, its the only time in my life where I get to get together with people that want to get just a shitty as me.

TRH: Lets talk about halloween for a second. Your guitar player Matt’s lease was up, right?
BC: Yep! Last night in the house. No furniture! Deck the halls with beers and party! I spent the last week in that shit hole helping clean it out. Fuck dude, I was so caked with beer. When there’s crowd surfing in an apartment you know its a good night.

This is one of at least 3 fights that happened