We caught up with Gang Gang Dance ahead of their show with Animal Collective and took them on a stroll around the rumbustious streets of Brixton, where they seemed very much at home.

Due to the daunting task of categorising Gang Gang, they are often lazily labeled a New York hipster band, which does nothing to describe their vast sound, which has developed from their improvisational ‘free jazz’ routes. Even the title band may not be an accurate one for GGD.

This process of sonic experimenting combined with their ties within the deeper art world, has thankfully provided us with a non discriminative band who nod towards dancehall, kraut rock, 80’s techno, Bollywood soundtracks, Malian music, and including but not stopping at Madchester baggy and dubstep.

GGD’s experimentalism and improvisational attitude obviously rubbed off, as you will see in my slightly left of centre video diary of our meeting.