I am really immature for my age. I can think of four people in my year at school who are now married, loads of them who have mortgages and some of them are already balding from the stress of working.

I, on the other hand, prefer to get up at the crack of 10, work at a website that only people under a certain age should be interested in, wear heavy metal t shirts most days and cut my own hair. I also never learned to drive, can’t deal with bosses because they remind me of teachers, have no insurance or savings, I try not to have bills in my name and I haven’t even signed anything for the house I live in.

Because of these things, girls my own age (I’m 26 btw) are appalled by me, my poor parents have transferred most of their hopes for success onto my physiotherapist sister, I earn pretty much no money and I spend my days corresponding with kids like Harry Hunt, who is 17 and makes zines and puts out tapes in between being a maths genius or something. His Methodist Leisure Inc website is here and he made us a mix about being immature called ‘Immaturity Mix’. Here he is in his own words:

Here are some questions about your Immaturity mix you little tyke….
I’m not that little.

Whats so great about being immature?
So much stuff; realising nothing really matters allows you to do whatever the fuck you want. I guess you can’t kill people. I want to kill some people.

Do you think there’ll ever be a time to grow up?

How did you choose the songs?
The mix is full of stuff with dumb sentiments like “Stab My Face” or “Anarchy Means I Litter” and I pretty much picked a bunch of thrashy spaz-out shit its fun to jump around and sing along to. These are just my favourite bands and songs really. I didn’t try that hard, sorry.

Which song here means the most to you in immature terms?

Rocket for Ethiopia - I Wanna Puke on your Car.
I really relate to the lyrics, seriously. Doing petty things to piss off people you hate is pretty healthy, if you ask me.

What’s the most immature thing you’ve ever done?

I’m not sure but a friend of mine did a shit in a condom and hung it off someone’s door handle as part of some strange Uni prank. I thought it was pretty impressive.

And here is the mix: Immaturity (for Platform).mp3

Download it dummies!

Here are what’s on it:

(intro sample off of sixteen candles)
Shearing Pinx - Mux
Koji Kondo - Armand Bonvincin
The Sneezes - Surf the Serpents (“Serve the Servants” Nirvana Cover)
Best Fwends _ Orange Marker
Fat Day - Poop Lagoon
Atom and his Package - Anarchy Means I Litter
Bikini Kill - In Accordance to Natural Law
Rocket for Ethiopia - I Wanna Puke On Your Car
Japanther - Summer Hills
Gravy Train - Titties Bounce
Blood Baby - Stab My Face
Screeching Weasel - Cool Kids
FYP - Undumb
Coat Party - Mental Condition
Gerty Farish - Minute Vacations
Cardiacs - RES
Siege - Drop Dead
De La Soul - A Little Bit of Soap
Gay Against You - Gay Unicorn
Fat Day - Sex on Drugs
Agaskodo Teliverek - Blood Club (Hidden “Psycho Goulash” Version)
Gerty Farish - Robert Parish