Evie and Annabel are mega cute.  We know, that’s totes vomit.  Nothing more patronising than a massive, heartless, evil corporation like Platform whining about how sweet and dinky our little interns are.  But we can’t help it - look at them.

They did our cupcake review which you can read here, and they’re a miraculous joy when they trot into the office, usually hungover, and cling to each other making jokes, and brainstorming silly things to investigate.

Here is them in some wedding gear.  Just to put the bunny boiling fear into you fine young males.

Harboring a burning desire to play cupid amongst the yute of the capital, we completely abused our position of power and made Evie and Annabel write us a singles advert for any prospective boys interested in taking them out for a Chai Tea Latte.  They had a go, but found it pretty difficult to explain themselves in a few short sentences, so we took over and wrote their WLTM’s for them.


Evie has the best hair in the world.  I know that’s not necessarily an obvious wish-list essential in prospective lady friends, but seriously, you should see this girl’s locks.  She also has one of those high voices that isn’t annoying, which IS actually an essential, and her knowledge on carp fishing is ridiculous.  It’s almost to the point of obsession, but we don’t want to say ‘obsession’, because that’s a negative word.  But needless to say, she’s well into fish.  She also does a great line in high waisted trousers, and never gets pissy when we ask her to transcribe waffly conversations.


Annabel is the mysterious one of the pair.  She watches us all with a knowing look in her eye, and her lipstick is always immaculate, even after testing buttercream icing.  (We are obviously urging her to put this immense skill on her C.V).  Her last relationship was with a bobsleigh champion who broke her heart when he decided to dedicate his life to re-filming Cool Runnings, shot for shot.  He sunk into depression when he realised his plans of casting Marlon Brando in John Candy’s role were scuppered due to the fact Brando was dead, and his estate cock-blocked plans to cut up the Godfather films so they fitted the script of that Jamaican cinematic classic.  Annabel doesn’t like to talk about this though.  She mainly likes whispering to Evie.


Annabel and Evie do everything together, they even share an email address, so they are only dateable as a pair.  If you can take them out in London, and are interested in getting some hot peri peri Nandos action, let us know.

email: [email protected]

If possible include a bit about you, where you would want to take them, and perhaps a myspace shot (as in camera above head, looking tasty, up the contrast in iPhoto).

Everyone else - stay tuned for the DATES