Ghana is fast becoming my favourite place in the world. Next time I book a holiday I’m not going to waste good money going to Disney Land or Rome, I’m going to convert all my pounds into Ghanaian cedi and head to West Africa because Ghana is amazing.

A few weeks ago I did a post about these fantastic Ghanaian film posters painted on flour sacks that were used to promote a traveling cinema. They were, colourful, inventive, and typically Ghanian. Well, they’ve only gone and done it again, but this time they are tackling the somewhat more sensitive subject of death.

In the UK death is a pretty morbid subject. The one funeral I’ve been to was a truly miserable affair with none of that “celebrating life” stuff everyone always bangs on about. It was just good old fashioned sadness. But I guess that’s what you get when you live in a secular society that regards death less as transition to a better place and more as full stop.

But the Ga-Adanbge people of Ghana have a very different view. For them death is a journey to a new life, and to make such a journey you need a pretty special spiritual vehicle. So they employ skilled carpenters to create elaborate coffins in the shape of things relevant to the deceased.

For example, if the deceased was a taxi driver the coffin would take the shape of a big yellow taxi - actually this would also work if they were a big Joni Mitchell fan. But the coffin can also be in the shape of something that reflects the essence of the occupant, so the scope is pretty limitless.

Lets have a look at some of the best…

Animals seem pretty popular choices.

This fish one reminds me of the baddies in Stingray.

This plane is far too good to bury. It’s so well built I think it might actually fly.

Coffins are built by specialist carpenters and can cost up to a years wages for the bereaved family. But this last chance to honour a relative is not missed, and the family really goes to town to say farewell.

This one is for a big fan of snake.

No shape or theme is out of the question.

Is that a cannon I see behind the chili?

There’s a nice cyclical feel to this vegetable one - circle of life and all that.

I hope grave diggers in Ghana get paid double, it would have to be a huge hole to accommodate this mighty wing span.

If the giant shoe fits.

You have to admire the craftsmanship and attention to detail. Here the carpenter has even spent the time to fashion a wooden cock and balls for this Lion. That’s the sign of a real pro.

Welcome to the vessel that will transport you to your next life. If you’re not colour blind now you will be by the time you get to the other side.

These coffins really make me smile and I love this positive attitude to death. The extravagance and ridiculous shapes make me laugh, not in jest, just because it’s so damn charming and wonderful.

Apparently best place to see or order such a coffin is the high street in Teshi, Eastern Accra. With that in mind I finish this post with a message to my friends and family. Please, when I die, travel to Ghana and commission a giant owl for me to be laid to rest in.

It’s really what I would have wanted.