Every year in June there is a MAGs  (Motorcycle Action Group) Festival in the park next to my Dad’s house in Helmsley, North Yorks. My Dad (a motorbiker himself) goes pretty much every year to join his peers for a friendly piss up in the park. I have been wanting to go forever after hearing tales of debauchery, rave tents, hair metal bands, leather, studs, bandannas, boots, and bikes (oh and boys).

I was not disappointed!

Last year I ventured home to Yorkshire, friend in tow, and headed over to Helmsley to get my tickets off my step brother (who we eventually found outside the arena with his friends getting stoned under a tree, they’d forgotten our passes, so we nicked their wristbands instead).  We got to the entrance then found out we had to ride a motorbike into the arena to actually get into the festival despite having tickets. This was not possible so a bit of flesh flashing and eye fluttering was required, finally we were in.

Both dressed in leather jackets, mini skirts, crop tops and bother boots we felt at home. People of all ages, mostly males, were dressed up and didn’t give a fuck. There were 2 stages, the rock stage and the rave tent. In between these were multiple burger stands and stalls selling amazing clothes - the sort you would find in Camden in the early 90s. My personal fave place to be was the rave tent, it was rammed with hot chavvy topless boys in blue rinsed jeans and baseball caps off their tits on e.

Now back to what I’m here for the style…