So we tried the Date Our Interns piece which, let’s face it, was an INCREDIBLE idea.  Unfortunately one of the girls got a boyfriend, and it’s summer holidays so they are away a lot etc. Other excuses etc.  But this time it will work, as our new intern Lisa has two great girls genuinely looking for dates in the capital.  Can any of you nice/bad boys help them out? Email: [email protected] if you’re UP FOR IT.


So here’s the thing – London is sold to those of us who live in the country as a place where dreams are fulfilled, where there are Starbucks on every corner, and where there are no frogs, only princes. Essentially, it’s sold as Heaven.

So when my two wonderful friends moved there 6 months ago they had visions of a beautiful shabby chic home, hanging out with famous people and having the sort of yumsies arm candy you might have got on Dream Phone when you were 10 (oh hey Chad). The harsh reality is they live opposite a kebab shop, famous people fear them, and the closest man in their lives is the ghost whose wheelchair their flatmates robbed. They’re just two small floundering fish in a very large ocean. Got a rod? Then you could help.


Meet Holly . Her ideal man (at the moment) is Robert Pattinson, but she might settle for you. Holly came to London to find her dream, but she’s still not sure what that dream is. Maybe you can help her discover it? She is often seen trotting around East London in a precarious pair of heels looking for work (not that kind of work, douchebag). And of a Sunday she can be found lounging around watching Come Dine With Me whilst nibbling on French Fancies.


Speaking of which, this is how Jerry likes her men . Any Frenchies out there? Whatever, just pretend, she won’t know the difference. Sometimes Jerry drinks too much and passes out early but I personally find that endearing. She enjoys a good Singstar sesh and will always beat you. Jerry enjoys meeting celebrities, Z-list or A-list, she’s not fussed, it’s the photo that counts. Snog, Marry or Avoid is just one of the many highbrow TV programmes she indulges in. And as a final plus point, Jerry works in fashion PR so can probably get you free clothes.

Want to know more? Then get in touch.

p.s. If this helps your decision, Holly definitely won’t sleep with you on the first date. Jerry might.