There is an ugly truth about living in cityscape America, and it’s the sense of freedom that liberates everyone into saying whatever they please, as they walk by, to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Girls are a serious target to “hollering”, a practice far worse than wolf whistling. Whether she’s dripping in sweat, with piss-stained baggy jeans, or strapped in her shortest leather mini, no girl is ever safe.

Gwen Stefani had our back when she shouted to the world that she wasn’t no ‘Hollaback Girl’ but what were girls supposed to do when even that did not stop the  shouting and the whistling, and even the hissing? Hollering is a plague in New York City, it lurks at every corner, on every street, and is more rampant than subway rodents. I’ve asked 8 NYC girls to recite their funny, creepy, unbelievable, and lamentable hollering tales. Before you dig in and start loathing every walking male species, you must watch this video.


Hemaly, 19, Astoria // Queens

“Hey pretty face, you look good in those jeans”

I would react with a simple smile and walk along. If a dude has the guts to praise your glory, take it all in.

What has been your creepiest ‘hollering’ experience?

My creepiest ‘hollering’ experience was in my freshman year of high school (circa 2004). Two black dudes, definitely teens, were waiting on a bus stop and one told the other “Dayum, look at those hips. I would ride on them.” As a shy and an overly self-conscious nerd with a face full of zits, it was my first experience into the man’s mind.

Does it get worst over summer?

It most certainly gets worst in the summer. For some indeterminable reason, NYC gets more hectic during the summer months. More crimes, murders, car accidents, sexual assault cases are reported in the summer, according to sources. There has to be some sort of correlation between the city’s temperature and testosterone levels.

What’s the way to successfully holler at a girl on the street, if there is any?

There’s that old written rule: ‘Keep your comments to yourself.’ Hollering just makes both parties uncomfortable. Especially in a stuffy city street that smells like 3-day old garbage.

Christina, 20, Upper West Side // Manhattan

What gets you “in trouble” the most?

I’m actually not sure….Perhaps my hair? It usually starts conversation.

Have you ever been hit on whilst hanging out with your mom?


Really? How’d you manage to escape that? I hear that is pretty common.

Fuck knows, I don’t know how.

Say I wanted to ‘bag you like some groceries’, you wouldn’t go for it? It seems pretty legit.

It’ll give me a good laugh, that’s about it.

Shannon, 18, Canarsie // Brooklyn

“Hey Ma, You Look Sweet, You Givin’ Me A Toothache”. Your Reaction?

Your breathe so stank you giving me a stomachache.

Take a guess at the youngest dude who’s ever tried to pick you up?

I don’t know how old they were but they were coming out of an elementary school. Damn these youngins, they make me feel OLD!

How do they get such an early head-start?

Yo they bagging from embryo-stages now! and “buminess” is genetic - most likely pops was a bum and transfered the bummy DNA.

Does hollering ever get annoying, to a boiling point?

Most Definitely. Shit man. It’s like “Yo do ya’ll really think it works?” After the first hundred disses you think they would take the hint.

Worst shout ever?

“Good Afternoon, Miss”: Um, just cause you’re polite, doesn’t mean we fucking!