Last Summer I went to see a play in London called BRANDED.  It was a glorious devised piece performed at Spacey’s Old Vic.  The plot was basically kids running around, desperately trying to acquire a pair of lime green kicks that were, “all the freaking rage daddy-o!”

In their single-minded thirst to wrap their sweaty paws around the emerald monstrosities, they forgot about the poor kids in china with fingers bleeding onto nu rave laces, and that behind anything REALLY COOL stands middle aged men in suits, waiting patiently to spend children’s pocket money on something disgustingly terrible.  Like oil, drugs, or Chantelle’s ‘Living The Dream’ biography.


Those two hours of heart wrenching neon awe changed everything.  That sure was one powerful piece of Step Up 2: The Streets meets Battle Royale drama - I vowed never again to fall for the whimsical branding charms of evil corporations.

Then I saw these videos, and was stunned that for once all that money hadn’t been wasted, they are genuinely good.

There are a load more on their YouTube channel, 90% of which are very very funny: We Are Scientists, N-Dubz, The Veronicas… Go watch here.

Now, where’s my free phone?