Aside from the guy from Radioclit’s beard, the funniest thing on Tim & Barry’s Don’t Watch That TV is the PWBC Global Skateboarding News, which is pretty much exactly what it says it is, except with lots of grime over the top of it and interviews with members of the Taliban.

I’ve put a likkle clip below but you can find the rest of these SOLID GOLD videos here. Do it.

Lev, a fully paid up member of the PWBC, generally likeable guy, and the person who makes the videos on his own with a laptop and a flip camera, took the time to answer some questions.

Who are the PWBC?
The P.W.B.C is basically a gang of guys who all shot crack. We all skateboard and are really jaded. We’re about to take over the skate industry with perhaps the first British board company that’s actually good. It’s on some next shit.

How come you’ve made these videos for Tim and Barry who usually just do music stuff?
I’ve known Tim since I was young and thick, because he used to live in our friends’ Warehouse in Whitechapel, called the Ice Palace. We used to go there to smoke, play indoor games of S.K.A.T.E and ping-pong, and get shitfaced. They used to have the best parties ever until some twat got all high, ran about on the roof, and fell though next door’s ceiling. We all thought he’d died, but it turned out he just nearly died.

When everyone moved out I’d see Tim at some booze thing once in a while, and we used to chat about Flamenco guitars and classical Spanish music stuff cos we’re both like that shit. Then a few years ago I started making skate clips and putting them on our website and he was into them and was always saying we should do some shit together but we never got round to it. So then I saw him a few months ago and he said he was doing this thing. He asked me if I’d like to do something for them so I sent him the first clip I had just made for a joke on my computer and he was into it. Now I have bitten off way more than I can chew trying to make some dumb shit once every week.

As for Barry, I just met him recently but he’s the man also. They are both on some hype shit.

What’s the idea behind these videos?
I make these videos to get people hyped on skateboarding, and music about stabbing people.

How do you make them?
I basically pick out something that’s a good example of what’s happening in skateboarding, music, or whatever I’m into that week. Then I write off my whole Monday and Tuesday smoking joints, and taking my head for a shit over my laptop till I make a five minute clip that makes me laugh at least twice.

What do you think Saddam Hussein (FYI readers, he’s featured a lot in GSN) would make of skateboarding?
I guess it would depend on the example of skateboarding he was shown. I got some clips he would be into. He’s dead though.

Maybe he would approve if it was in his name..
Yeah Saddam City Skates is the name of my skate shop that opens in 10 years. Nah…but I think he would think it was kiddy shit.

You dedicated pretty much a whole episode to hating on fixed gear bikes. What don’t you like about fixed gear things?

E V E R Y T H I N G Haha. I’m a bit of a bully when it comes down to it. But just think its a shit fad that people buy into cos they’re not good at anything else. You see these fuckwits with a bike that’s colour co-ordinated to their boat shoes, cycling around Hoxton Square on some parade shit. If they were skaters they would be the guys that roll up to the spot with all the fresh gear and no idea; afraid to fall over in case they scuff their new bright yellow Vans.

These are people who’d get boyed off, so naturally I feel the same urge to boy off some guy on a bike when he turns up to the skate park trying to cycle backwards in a circle dressed like a skateboarder. They’re not all like that obviously, but I hate the ones that do it for cool points - the fluorescent ones with like a super-tech haircut, doing skids like it’s a trick.  Fixed gear biking is like a Hoxton university access course for being accepted by other tossers that wear Bathing Ape. Whatever pushes your buttons, just don’t do that stick-yo-ass-out fixed gear skid thing past me at traffic lights and stare at me in some Ray Bans cos you think you’re cool. You are not cool.

Aren’t you making a bit of a name for yourself presenting elsewhere? Do you reckon you’ve a future on T4 or CBBC?
Not sure about that. Maybe if I start shopping at Topshop and brushing my hair like Morrissey. Or get a humongous drug addiction other than this pot one, and become a CBBC presenter. Then I could go to Glastonbury and interview some trust fund kids that are in a shit band and pretend that I think they’re really good.

I think T.V could do with a presenter that calls out people for not really being that good. I hate the way they always try to polish a turd and dig real deep to find something good to say about that band Friendly Fires or whoever. Man, they are swag.