For those of you who didn’t catch the first installment of teenfotainment, what ever have you been doing? For those who did, welcome back - I’ve missed you terribly - and now I’m proud to present you with another video hot off the archives.

The last film was a sprawling ode to love, marriage, and ‘going steady’. This time the 50s spotlight has a sharper focused as the topic is dating.

Dating scares me stupid. Trawling the sea is tough enough but the thought of actually get one of those fish on the hook is terrifying. My theory is that if dating were fishing, the first date would be your net; cast it properly and you bound to catch something, get it tangled up around your legs and you go home talking about ‘the one that got away’.

But don’t worry, if you’re lousy at first dates and, like me, even the idea of them fills your stomach with thousands of vomiting butterflies then this video will surely help (well it can’t really hurt, can it?).  It charts the journey of two young lovers Ann and Woody on their very first date.