HIYA! Last night Lewis and I went to see LA Sub Pop two piece No Age in a church in Dalston.

The best thing about this Church wasn’t that there were all these cute drawings by kids all over it or that Jesus lives there, it’s that it’s called the Clown Church and every year they hold a service for the clown community on the first Sunday in Febuary. The reason this happens is that Joseph Grimaldi, the father of modern clowning, is buried up the road in Joseph Grimaldi Park.

As well being buried in East London, Joseph Grimaldi is also supposed to haunt the Theatre Royal on Drury Lane (which, as my friend Conan pointed out last night, must mean that he haunts the number 38 bus as well). Apparently he likes to kick unsuspecting actors, usherettes and cleaners when he wants to attract attention. By his request, his head was severed from his body prior to burial and this disembodied head floats around the theatre after performances -seeing a floating clown head would really make me lose my shit.

Anyhoo, Lewis had a proper camera with him and took some great photos which you’ll find below. No Age were great and there were loads of kids going for it down the front, which was way more fun than the crowds that are usually at shows by bands like this. Also, the whole room was full of balloons, which was cute. Some of them were drawn on too, this one was my favourite:

Also, The guitarist from No Age looks exactly like Paddy Maguire from Shameless. Here are some good photos: