WINKERS is a company set up by William A. Jones, a retired grandfather of 7 from Washinton State, USA.  The story goes he was admiring a (presumably chubby) girl’s arse as she walked down the street and thought he saw the folds in her bum winking at him.

This eureka moment inspired him to enlist the help of his daughters to design, patent and produce ‘Winkers’ branded trousers.  With a variety of different winking designs the trousers are already a YouTube phenomenon, and one can only presume they’ll soon be the 21st century equivalent of having ‘Angel’, or ‘Juicy’, written on your arse.

William seems my kind of guy, so I asked him some questions about these eye-catching pantaloons.

Hi William, cracking idea you have here.  My favourite winking design is the ‘Action! Action!’, film clapboards.  Which is yours and why?
Well, the Eyes are what brought it all about. So they are a favorite. In the video the Lion In The Jungle is hypnotising to watch.

Have you got any new designs up your sleeves?  What about a book, or a trash can lid?

Yes, there will be new designs in the future. Those may work. In the full length view of the Lion there is a Venus Fly Trap at the left knee.

You sound like you have a curious mind, have you any other inventions you have patented in the past?  Any you’re surprised haven’t taken off?

Yes, there is another patent on how to make pictures, using aluminum and plastic as a media. At the time I did not find the help that I needed. Some of those pictures have been in various shows but that is it. One of these pictures was shown in the 3D Center For The Arts and Photography in Portland, Oregon, USA. It was shown in a fairly prominent position in one of their videos.

Do you have many orders for Winkers?  Do you think they will be a success?

There is a back log for orders. Boy! I hope so.

I hear the idea about Winkers came to you when you were watching a woman’s ass appearing to wink at you as she walked down the street.  What does your family think about this?

At the time I was single. My two youngest daughters have been a big help with this. My other daughters seem to be surprised and delighted.  As to my daughters opinions and the rest of the families opinion you will have to ask them.

You can buy yourself a pair of the trousers here.