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Julie burchill: christmas

Coming back five days before Christmas from Jerusalem to the winter wonderland of Sussex, the season seemed twice restored to its lost, proper place - religious and snowy. So what a dreary letdown to turn on the commercial TV channels and see the monstrous hordes of celebrities…

Posted by Julie Burchill on 02/01/10, COMMENTS (8)
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Where’s santa?

Matthew Martin stumbled upon a gang of Santas getting drunk in the West Village.

Posted by Matthew Martin on 22/12/09, COMMENTS (1)
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Grottojams: sparky deathcap

Sparky Deathcap brings some festive cheer to our grotto and performs a Christmas song.

Posted by Lewis G. Parker on 21/12/09, COMMENTS (2)
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Grotto jams: slow club, pt. 2

An exclusive performance of ‘Christmas, Thanks for Nothing,’ from Charles and Rebecca in our grotto.

Posted by Lewis G. Parker on 18/12/09, COMMENTS (2)
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Grotto jams: slow club pt. 1

Slow Club visit our grotty grotto to do a Christmas song.

Posted by Lewis G. Parker on 16/12/09, COMMENTS (4)
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Cracky talk: christmas day trauma

Priya Elan is cooking Christmas dinner this year. Here’s what he thinks could go wrong.

Posted by Priya Elan on 14/12/09, COMMENTS (2)
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Cougars require Marlon King levels of brazenness. True cougars are looking to get mashed out by younger men but they don’t wanna be seen as cradle snatchers so you gotta ball up on those bitches with the confidence and swagger of a man double your age. You can do this with combination of drugs, desperation and R.Kelly’s Greatest Hits. Real talk; the worst that could happen is you keep not fucking her. Head up player.
Answer by Tuvshin Bolor
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