Sex Beat and This Is Music were kind enough to put Israeli mentalists Monotonix on for us at “DIY” venue The Others in Stoke Newington last night.

Turning up at the venue for PA installation / sound check purposes it looked like we were having a show in a children’s party room above a dodgy north London pool hall.  Turns out we were having a show inside a children’s party room above a dodgy North London pool hall.  Owner Simon is concerned about his furniture’s upholstery, balloon sculptures and the possibility of the floor getting dirty.  Punk he is not.  Good thing the most infamously rowdy, messy, mobile, spittle smeared Israel band in the universe are headlining then…

Living up to their reputation Monotonix do drum kit acrobatics, beer water-features, microphone ass sex, scrotum yanking, spasmodic Tel Aviv psychedelic punk rock with style and finesse.

As hairy horny Israeli kids make beer mess we all follow enlightened.