The first look we went for was the 90’s thing girls are wearing to Work it in Dalston, the club night du jour.  To me it looks a bit like a four year old on acid, but a really hot four year old who’s grown ridiculously quickly like Robin Williams in that paedo film, Jack.

Our model Emer was what is commonly referred to as a “good sport” and was really up for accosting men on the street to find out what they thought of her cropped denim jacket and sequinned boob tube.   First of all we went to a pub.

Nigel, Pub Owner
Nigel was pretty shy.  He started off saying she looked quirky.  But that coy smile was soon lost, “she looks mental”.  When asked what he’d think if one of his friends went out dressed like that he replied, “she wouldn’t be my friend anymore”.  Ooh catty!

We got a bit distracted then (he was kind of dull) by two men having club sandwiches in the corner.   They seemed really nice so Emer had a quick sit down with them.

Only to realise she’d popped the button off the trousers.

They were called Bunty and Alan.  WIN.

Bunty (right) and Alan (left), Undisclosed Professions
Alan was really positive and said it looked very Doris Day in that film with the song about daisies.  Then he started singing, “don’t eat all the daisies…”
Bunty: (silent throughout, then suddenly piped up as we were leaving) Don’t know how I feel about women dressing like that.  My mother wouldn’t have dressed like that.  If she had I would have assumed she’d been taking drugs.


Next we toddled along to a building site to get some reponses from professional wolf whistlers.

Sandros was my favourite.

Sandros, Builder
“Very nice.  If I had a wife I am not so sure I would want her to wear that (did the so-so hand gesture).  It reminds me of the 80’s or 90’s or going to the beach.  Where do people wear this look? Work it club? That sounds like fitness.  You don’t need fitness darling just come down here and do some lifting and digging.

I don’t think Emer will be taking him up on the offer.  Later on during research for look three Sandros’s brother pulled up in his car and shouted “rapefest!” out the window.