Across the generations mankind has evolved from our knuckle dragging origins to become the self-sufficient, technologically advanced, beings who rule over the earth; ploughing the rain-forests and hollowing out the earth like a giant Easter egg so that we can sit on our puffy bums eating savory snacks and gaming. We are ‘winners’, top predators, supreme beings. Right? Right.  But there are some who are born more supreme than others. Those who are that bit prettier, witty, and sparkle with that glimmer of genius that is reserved for a lucky top 1%.

Darwin Deez is one of these rare creatures, sporting a delicious curly Jew-fro that oozes ‘l just drove here with the top down’ and with a twinkle in his eye that makes you just want to drop trou’, jump on the good foot ‘n do the bad thing.

Flipping burgers by day, Deez likes to keep a low profile, but by night he digs out his Lycra and gravitates towards only the most dingy and neglecting venues in town, where he works his ‘look’ and croons the honeyz. I give you the all-singing, all-dancing, sensation and all round incredible guy Darwin Smith DEEEEZ.

Darwin, describe your sound to me in one sentence?
Currently, my music sounds like a cross between Emergency & I (the album, by The Dismemberment Plan) and the Postal Service.

Darwin Deez - Constellations

Darwin Deez - Constellations

Who are your musical heroes?
Jacob Ciocci, big time! He’s the one who inspired this whole project in the first place. And Travis Morrison, from The Dismemberment Plan - very adventurous musically and deft lyrically.

What is the influence behind the music?
Sadness, anger, loneliness, and the love of other peoples’ music.

How did you get into this music lark?
I don’t really know, but I like it! Jacob (Ciocci) definitely inspired me when he played me TR-707 beats through mixers feeding back.

What was the day job you sacked off before the imminent world domination?
I’ve yet to actually quit, but it’s waiting tables at Angelica Kitchen, where Devendra Banhart actually used to work!

What did you do before you embarked on this magical all-singing/dancin’ extravaganza?
Lots of dancing in my room and writing songs for 2 years while attending lots of open mic nights around NY. Crying a lot vis-à-vis getting over my old girlfriend. Forcing myself through 2 more college classes in a last ditch attempt to become a psychologist like my dad, which would still be my second choice for a career (excluding all other entertainment-based options).

Who are the people you talk into goofing about with you in your vids?
My friends! And some acquaintances. And some strangers.

You’ve got a pretty striking appearance, do you get recognized on the street much? What’s the general reaction?
Yeah, now and then. It’s fun. The general reaction is very positive, unlike the average Internet reaction.

You’re a dream. How do you keep that ‘fro so silky soft?
Man I like these questions! It just occurred to me that I could have theoretically written in all these nice things you’re saying in the questions, but they are already there! I’ll save that idea for my next email interview, though.  Maybe it’ll slip through!

To answer your question, nothing; no soap, no shampoo, no conditioner, no product.  Just water, rinse, and air dry (not towel dry, nor blow dry).

Many weird fans yet?
No, not really. Well, Toby Goodshank - have you heard that guy’s music? And there’s a 1 year old in LA who’s obsessed with “bad day”, and a shout out to Emily Henderson in Greensboro, NC.

What is the most important thing to you about your music?
That every part of every song shines in its own way.  I strive to write songs with no dead weight.

Darwin Deez - Radar Detector

Darwin Deez - Radar Detector

What are the processes you go through when writing and producing your work?
The one thing that’s constant about my writing process is that I get inspired by starting with different parts of the song.  Sometimes I have an idea for a good first line or two, which may inspire me to write the rest of the song.  Sometimes it’s a chorus, sometimes it’s a concept, but usually the words and the melody occur to me simultaneously. It’s just not at all magical when they occur separately.

Tell me about the first gig you ever played?
It was a total disaster, a complete train wreck, a  real ego buster.

It was a friend of a friend’s birthday at a bar in the west village (lame area of NY for music in general). Julia Stiles happened to be there. I was stoked that she might see me play. I brought my DESKTOP computer and attempted to trigger sound files with my foot using the QWERTY keyboard while my friend loaded the files one by one - this did not work. Mainly because I didn’t even practice the songs.

Tell me about you band mates?
Michelle (bass, 29) is a professional tap dancer and a Mormon and likes girls.  Greg (drums, 29) is really a bass player and had a daughter by accident when he was 20.  Cole (guitar, 24) looks amazing in every outfit and his dad played in a band with Bon Jovi called scandal (and they have a platinum record!)

Where do you want to see yourself in five years time?
In the tour bus that just passed us with a motorcycle on the back!

Tell me something no one else knows about you?
I went to India when I was 10, to a spiritual retreat center. Almost every night in bed I had deliberate sexual fantasies about this hot Indian girl I’d met called Goolrukh. She wore a lot of hot pink leggings, a thick pink plastic headband (not a sweatband), and flats (her mom’s flats, which were too big for her). But she had a very sexy way of being meant to her little sister, and she was definitely flirting with me. We played a fair amount of volleyball and some chess.

If you happened upon being invisible for a day what would you do and where would you go?
I would probably try to watch people have sex if possible. Can I go to My-So-Called-Life world??  Maybe I should change my favorite person to Rayanne Graff!

If l gave you £1000 for 24 hours how you spend the cash?
Just 1000? I’d probably buy something that I would use everyday, something that would really last, like a good mattress.

Tell me a joke.
Pirate zipper caught on steering wheel - “arr, it’s drivin’ me nuts.”

Your fave:
Place -
the babe center in Myrtle Beach.
- I don’t know. I guess I try not to think about persons in this way.
- Safe men. Also, The Matrix and Big.
- As if! But recently I was obsessed with “NASA is on your side” by Everything Everything.
- Spiritually uplifted.
- Ice cream.
- Watching Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Where are you going to go now?
To bed in this 17-person co-op house in Madison, where my friend Ann lives, to sleep while our laundry dries and then to Omaha in the morning.