How was school?

Is it holding you back from greater things?
Yeah most of the time.

What’s occurring?
I’ve been speaking to Frankmusic. He wants to fly me out to London for like his single release. I’m not going to argue. If he wants to pay for it, then okay. I heard you met bobby?

Yeah beard.

Bobby who?
Blooby beards?

No it might have been someone else from Platform. What do you want to do with your life, Sky?
Oh my god. I’m so sorry! Who is this? I’m sorry? This is Bloodshy right? Oh my god it showed up as Bloodshy on my phone?

Who’s Bloodshy?
That’s who I’m working with. Oh God! I’m so sorry!

This is Sam from Platform.
Oh God, I’m sorry! Please don’t put that in the interview. I knew you didn’t sound Swedish. I’m so sorry! Repeat all those questions.

What do you want to do with your life, Sky?
It’s hard to like articulate I guess. I want to come out with good music and films.

What’s your priority?
Those two things. Getting out of LA.

Do you not like LA?
I’m just like “get over it.” There’s nothing to do in LA as a normal 16-year-old. All the people I like are 21 and over.