The other day began our survey of young job seekers people by telling you a few tales from my own  job seeking saga.  However, I can’t go on talking about myself forever. So this is part 2, and  I’m proud to introduce you to the lovely Angela Luffman.

Answering my open call to all job seekers, Angela e-mailed me with stories of her hunt for employment in rural Dorest, waking up late, and getting drunk with her friends. She also went that extra mile and sent me this cute photo-story of her typical dole day.

On an average day I wake up around 12pm. I know I should be up earlier, but the only thing I have to get up for is job hunting and I’m more of an night owl anyway.

I have a shower - it’s important to keep squeaky clean even when you’re unemployed.

After that I smoke a rollie in my dad’s shed.

Watching Monk and other detective day-time TV shows keeps my mind active. My favs are Law and Order, Quincy, and Murder She Wrote. I also like Rikki Lake and ANTM re-runs.

I can’t drive so I cycle everywhere. I wish I had a job so I could get a car and learn to drive.

I like to search charity shops looking for knick-knacks on a doley’s budget to quench my shopping habit.

Looking for jobs in the area in the local paper - there’s not much. Cleaners wanted, lorry drivers and chefs mostly.

Then I spot a vacancy at a local factory, 5 minutes away from my house and they’re only looking for a temporary person in the packing department. It sounds perfect so I apply. (I’m still waiting to hear back).

PM - I get a lift to Shaftesbury to go to the pub, then a bunch of us end up at Josh’s house with a keg. By this point I’m really drunk and don’t take any more pictures except…..

this one where I look like I’m about to throw up, then I do!

My tolerance to alcohol and drunken shenanigans has gone right down since I started signing on. Maybe it’s the lack of money, maybe it’s the crushing depression of my monotonous lifestyle putting a downer on my party time - I dunno.

(P.s If Josh is reading this. I’m sorry for throwing up in your sister’s bed, I’ve cleaned the sheet and I will return it when I see you next)

So there was 24 hours in the life of Angela. Click next page to read some more of her thoughts on being young and lost..