About Us

Platform is your new favourite magazine, you like us because we’ve sorted out your sex-life, told you what not no wear, and asked the questions you wanted to ask her. We celebrate everything great about being young; sex, music, style, life, and probably a whole lot more. We want to do things for ourselves, stay independent, make money, and most of all; have fun.

But what does that that even mean? Well, to put it bluntly, our audience is made up of young, intelligent, opinion-leading trendsetters. Our editorial team carry Grade A Bull-Shit Detectors™, and as a result, our content sits in a seperate league to the rest of the youth magazine market: We are entertaining without being pointlessly antagonistic, and interesting without being worthy or condescending. We spotlight quality, not hype.

But don’t believe us, make your own mind up. See what people are saying - read the blogs, ask twitter, get your magic 8 out, flip a coin, and if you like; read some of the press:

‘If internet buzz is anything to go on, expect to see mainstream magazines lobbing excitable accolades at them in the very near future – and playing catch-up with the kids, who could have predicted this three years ago. They certainly know their stuff.’
The Sunday Times 2009

‘Teen lifestyle bible’
NME 2009

“Platform attracts young people of every kind who want to get their pop culture fix without being patronized.”
Dazed and Confused 2009

“A pop-culture magazine that ever since launching has been infiltrating the psyches of the nations 18-24 year-olds.”
The Sunday Times Style 2009

oh and..

Heat Magazine 2009

Brand Work
The other side to Platform is as an access and communication tool for Brands. From consultancy to youth panel research, custom publishing to online marketing, we are ideally staffed and positioned to work with Brands. Our current client list includes TopShop, Sony Ericsson, VitaminWater, M&C Saatchi, BBH, Iris and Ogilvy. For more information on our ‘Special Projects’, see the links on the side of this page.