We’ve looked at love, dating, and marriage, but American kids in the 50s did more than chase tail (probably). Between school and dates they had to entertain and feed themselves, and this is where drive-in movies came in.

As far as I know, and I have no real desire to check this, America invented the drive-in. From the golden arches to drive-in movies America is the land of the automobile; a place where leaving the safety of your vehicle is frowned upon.

Another phenomenon that, like the drive-in, is largely part of movie history is the intermission. Intermissions at drive-ins were all important breaks in the film that allowed hungry yanks to dash, or more likely waddle, to the refreshment stand and order a range of fried, carbonated, or buttered nourishment. To encourage punters to begin feasting the intermission was jam packed with all sorts of adverts, and they were pretty special.

The following video is a short recreations of an authentic 50s drive-in intermission; a celebration to American consumerism and we love it.