Platform was in Los Angeles when we met Mandy Wulwick. She was insanely nice to us - she let us crash at her house when we were homeless - but kept really quiet. Then one day we were in her car and she brought out the world’s greatest collection of CD-Rs. Suddenly we were all screaming about her hand-drawn artwork and all the amazing/nostalgic music she was into. I guess it’s true what they say, you never really know someone till your doing 90 down the 101 with Jimmy Eat World blaring out your stereo.

It’s a lot of effort to draw on every CD, why do you bother?

I have such an eclectic and large collection of music. I do the artwork to make things easier on myself. I can quickly find what I am
looking for while keeping myself safe on the road. I love the process of bringing my own personal touch to the cds.

So basically you’re a 21st century music pirate?
I don’t want people to think that I am a music pirate. I spend all my money on rent, vinyls, and concert tickets. For the car ride, I choose to burn CD’s and re-invent the album artwork with sharpies.

Will you show us some of your ten best CDs?