Other people’s lives are pretty fascinating- that’s why gossip magazines sell and soap operas are big, I suppose. Lucy Diamond-Philips collects images of other people’s lives from all over the place and puts them on her flickr page, where she calls herself Superbomba.

“I was born in 1986. Growing up I wanted to be in a group like TLC or En Vogue - I had planned that the first single we released would be a cover of ‘One Nation (Under A Groove)’ by Funkadelic. Nowadays I would like to travel the world finding things and get paid a lot of money for it by an anonymous benefactor who expected nothing in return. My obsession with old photos started by accident in 2007. I’ve always liked making up stories about people I don’t know and the idea of time travel, and old photos allow me to do both. I have no plans for a book or an exhibition. I’d feel sorry for the photos that didn’t make the cut. One day I might make a magazine on nice paper with photos found across the world so people could tear out the pictures and keep them in their pockets. I’d make issues until the world either ran out of old photos to publish or trees to make nice paper from, whichever came first.”