A filthy warehouse space known as the Resistance Gallery played host to a group of sick freaks who mutilate themselves for fun. Led by Samppa von Cyborg, the Psycho Cyborgs dwell in an appartment block in Hackney Wick which has run up a massive council tax bill.

To pay off their debts to society the group of trained monkeys put on a performance titled ‘Sex & Drugs & Council Tax.’ The audience were ‘treated’ to fire-eaters and vintage porn for starters and the main course saw Samppa and his gang shoving, hammering and drilling metal rods through parts of their body including the tits, stomach, mouth, arms and head.


Aneta von Cyborg, the least goblin-like of the two females, is a masochist.

‘I’m a born exhibitionist and pain received in public, with the audience, does turn me on a bit and it is a very sensual experience. It does make me feel satisfied and in control. The more people who watch, the better it feels,’ she said.

She denies taking any sort of pain killer or narcotic before, during or after the shows. She says that is ‘the point of the show.’


Critics of the entertainment have call the show ’sick.’

‘It looks like a bloody cider-drinking Goth convention has tried to put on the Rocky Horror show in their Dad’s tool shed’, said John Twunt, protesting angrily outside.

Asked if he thought the Psycho Cyborgs were sick, he replied: ‘Yes. Absolutely. Affirmative.’


Some weirdos claim to have enjoyed this horror show. Satisfied punter John Mascic, 24, said: ‘This is the grossest thing I’ve ever seen.’ Asked if he would go to the next show by the Psycho Cyborgs, he replied: ‘Of course.’

Tax dodging and masochistic violence aren’t the only threat the Cyborgs pose to tax payers. Samppa recently tried to implant the microchip from his Oyster card into a flesh pocket in his wrist to make life seem more difficult for other London Underground passengers.

Photographs by John de Lima.