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Hello and welcome to the Read Platform. This is a place where we focus on reporting news on the more bizarre side of our society. Team behind the Read Platform has been on the forefront of the bizarre since 2011. Some of us even longer, but we mostly worked as lone wolves until we founded this e-zine. Since then we’ve grown into a team of reporters that scours the worlds news outlets for news that will shock you, freak you out. We’ve even sprung for some high quality RC selfie drones, for recording freaky news events close to where team members live. Even though we started Read Platform back in 2011., this website is relatively new, since Read Platform was a newsletter at first. It was only recently that we came to a decision to make this website for our favorite freaky topics.

People are always quick to cast aside any individual which chooses to discuss the bizarre events that have happened, or which are currently happening around the world. It’s quite a shame really, because it makes people like us quite lonely, until we meet someone who shares our interests. I guess that same is true for everything. In reality, Read Platform team is a mixed bag of people with interests in photography, gaming, watching movies and TV shows, gadgets like electric bicycles, electric skateboards, smartphones, smartwatches, laptops, you name it. Just because we like to discuss the Tunguska Event or the freaky circumstances of the Vela incident. Haven’t heard about those? Stay tuned, we’ll cover them shortly.

So what kind of bizarre news are we going to be focusing on. We’ll you can see a sampling of that news to the right. We don’t shy away from anything we think warrants coverage, but the mainstream media will not do it because it isn’t politically correct, or it’s too shocking for the mainstream viewers. It could be anything from natural events, unexplained phenomena, or just people who are acting strangely. Soon we plan on publishing our own aerial video footage of a haunted house captured by some high-end DJI foldable drones. Everyone has a dark side to them, we just choose not to focus on it, most of us at least. Well, it’s what happens when the dark side takes over is what we here at Read Platform are interested in.

Gallery of the weird and spooky

Your best and only source of info on the strange and unexplained

We all like the lure of the unknown and unexplained. I remember when I was in high school, I’d go to the local library and borrow books like Arthur C. Clarke’s “Mysterious World” and “Chronicles of the Strange and Mysterious”. Yes, we’re such an old bunch of geeks that we had to borrow books from the library. Yet we’re springy enough to fall off electric skateboards. Imagine that. Back there there wasn’t internet to help the spread of information. There was, but it was in its infancy. Nowadays is easy to come into contact with news sources that are tailored to a person interest, and that’s exactly what we’re about here at Read Platform.

Covering weird natural phenomena, spooky abandoned places, people acting strange for unexplained reasons, and more is a very exhilarating experience, at least for the Read Platform team. Over the years we’ve developed a nose for genuine stories of mystery, instead of just click bait articles which are designed to garner clicks, without providing any credible information. As much as internet has helped people who share similar interest get in touch, it has also made it quite difficult to sift through the noise and find actual stories, worthy of our attention. No where is this more clear then in the category of mysterious, strange and spooky. Numerous websites exist that just produce constant click-bait articles filled with inaccurate information or just straight up fabrications.

Unexplained photos and videos

The death of Elise Lam

One of the more modern mysteries that hasn't been resolved to this day is the death of Elise Lam. There is actually a video footage of her where she can be seen presumably moments before her death, or what is being considered as the footage of her just moments before her death. On this video you can see Elise acting weird, as though someone is after here. She is going in and out of the elevator, hiding in the corner, pressed up against the wall. She was found dead in the hotels water tank, on the rooftop, access to which was locked at the time. Video is 4 minutes long and watching it still send shivers down my spine. That poor woman.

Group photo of Freddy Jackson

This photo has been making its way through the blogosphere for quite some time now. This is a group photo of a US air force squadron. Story behind it is that the person, whose face can be seen ever so slightly, is Freddy Jackson, a mechanic who died a few days before the group photo was taken. He was killed by an airplane propeller while making repairs few days before the photo was taken. His funeral was actually taking place while the photo was being taken. It could just be weird shadowing and we're seeing what we want to see. Who knows, photos of ghosts are always difficult to debunk.

Photo of the Lady in White

White lady ghost photo is another photograph that has supposedly captured a ghost. Photo was originally taken by Peter Berthelot. He photographed his wife in a church in Norfolk, UK. They didn't notice anything strange until after Peter developed the photo. It was just supposed to be his wife pictured, but you can clearly see a figure of a woman, sitting on the church bench, one row behind Peters wife. Suffice it to say that there was no one there with them at the time the photo was taken. They went back and asked the local vicar about the photo and he told them it was the White lady, a ghost that has been sighted before.

Time traveler captured in 1941

For a break from the ghost photos, here's another mystery that has been puzzling the internet for quite some time now. It's the famous photograph of a time traveler from 1941. Looking at the photo you can notice that the man with the glasses seems out of place. Starting with the glasses, they seem to be a bit too modern for the time. Then there's also the t-shirt, the jacket and the thing that seals the deal, the guy seems to be holding a camera. All of these strange coincidences combined make it appear as though the man is a time traveler. Photo has of course been disputed, but still, it makes you wonder, what if.

Get in touch, share your stories, help us out!

I honestly hope that our humble showing here was enough to get you interested in our website. We are a small team but we’ll try to report on and talk about on all the more obscure news that happen around the world. Should the interest from our viewers be high enough, we could end up looking for additional staff members, and maybe even some new equipment to help cover freaky events throughout the United States. Soon we’re planning on starting a Patreon campaign where you’ll be able to support us. Expect a post about it sometime soon.

To get in touch with the team and report on any kind of strange happenings near you, please use the Contact page. If you would like to know more about us, we’ve setup an About page, with a little bit more history about the Read Platform team and its members. I guess this is it for now. Hope to see you around more often, all the best.

Read Platform Team