Mollie Mills: My ex lent me this shirt about two years ago when we were bunking school together so people couldn’t see I was in uniform. I’ve sort of hung on to it ever since because I like it. Sorry, Kit.

Storm Yee-Chong: I always used to borrow my boyfriend’s hoodies. Up until a while ago I had loads; I’ve been, like, giving them back one by one, but he said I could keep this. It still smells of him, it’s really weird.

Sophie L.B: These boxers must have been under my bed for years because I’ve only just found them. My old boyfriend would constantly ask me if I had them but I’d rudely insist that I didn’t. I refuse to admit that they’ve actually been here all along.

Billie T: One of the first times my ex-boyfriend stayed over he was wearing this. I ended up sleeping in it and still do now. He probably wants it back, but I think I’ll keep it.

Photos by Duncan Johnson