Cory is a nineteen-year-old photographer/model/blogger from L.A. who worked with Mark Hunter on The Cobra Snake, a photoblog that documents the best in party culture around the world.  From there she has gone on to create her own photoblog which recently featured photos of Paris Hilton dressed in a pink bunny outfit and Samantha Ronson crouching over a toilet.  I’d chosen a little coffee shop with pastel cakes and gingham tablecloths to do the interview, but then she turned up and swiftly re-directed us to an old man’s pub next door.  My heart started beating a little faster.

You’ve just got back from Coachella, how was that?

It was OK. But it’s turned into a scene, and it wasn’t really like that before.  I had a great time with all the kids out there, but it’s weird that you can’t drink everywhere.  I got round it with the oldest trick in the book, I sneak my beer in under my arm – you “armpit it”.

Which bands did you like?

Murder City Devils, they’re pretty hardcore, but I’m into everything.  I wanted to see Beirut but I was indoors doing nothing, hiding from the sun.  I saw The Horrors, they went down really well, the Americans were really into it and there was a pretty big crowd.  Yeah Yeah Yeahs were good- Karen O was talking to Simon and James (from Klaxons) about how she wanted to be in my blog, can’t believe it, stuff like that is so weird!

What have been the high points blog-wise?

Smoking weed with Snoop Dogg at his house.  Paris was there too just hanging out in the Jacuzzi.

Doesn’t Snoop smoke really strong US government weed?

Yeah, like the medicinal stuff.  I just got on twitter and he’s on it every morning “wake and bake son” - he’s tweeting all the time about getting high and rapping to his own songs.

Twitter’s crazy, did you know about Erykah Badu tweeting her whole labour?

Seriously? What like, “Oh shit the heads coming!”

Do you rap with Snoop?

Yeah he’s all “C to the O to the R to the Y” and I go “whut” (then she giggled for about 3 minutes)