At the wee tender age of 16 I went to my first psytrance party in London. Like a fresh faced noodle thrown into the boiling pot of squat parties and festivals, my ears at first did feel truly molested by the sounds of trance BUT I grew to become kind of fond of it. Introduced to the ins and outs and ups downs of psytrance – from bell covered hippies skipping around you with incense and chai tea, to the sketchy old man who K- holes  with his head in a speaker or carries on dancing after the music stops - it was in all honesty always fucking fun. I know that psytrance is like the marmite of music- you either love it or you hate it or you really really really hate it. I’m not here to preach about the ‘intelligence’ of the music or how hallucinogenics can totally expand your consciousness, maaaan,  or how fire poi is actually really good for upper body strength – yadayadayada WHATEVER. I basically just want to show you a few of my photos of how I’ve seen some of the psytrance festivals and parties over the last 3 years.