We love our mums.  They make us dinners, and don’t look at us funny when we’re bragging about something exciting, unlike our evil judgmental “friends”.  That said, they can sometimes embarrass us so hard we cringe until our faces fall off.  Apparently this mother-terror is not limited only to simple mortals like me and thee, at Yoko Ono’s recent gig in London she totally embarrassed her son and mini-John, Sean. PRIYA ELAN was there to document the awkward alarms.

Caught in the pop culture bubble of ‘Arrested Development’ and Phedre’s familial relationships, I was in a funny sort of mind when I went to see the Plastic Ono Band’s show on Sunday.

Sean Lennon was playing the part of musical director of Yoko’s show and one of the surprise non-musical highlights of the show was the mother/son banter between Sean and Yoko.

Between songs Yoko chatted to audience with abandon, only to be jerked into line by Sean. In the midst of telling us tales of playing ‘Why’ with Ringo and John (at Abbey Road) and how “Kurushi‘’s child-like moans were inspired by a real life victim suffocating to death in Hiroshima”, Sean cut her off with a “what she’s trying to say is…” or a “what actually happened was…” before carrying on the story in non-Yoko speak.


The goddess Ono, for her part, didn’t seem to mind. In fact she interjected into his interjections, with ‘mum’ statements like: “he was a very beautiful baby” but “very arrogant at 17″. Sean alternatively hid behind his guitar and fringe, presumably pondering which lighting rig could accidentally fall on mommy dearest.

Yea, it was a little bit Sofia and Dorothy, a tad Harold and Maude, with just a hint of what you’d imagine it’d be like at the Wainwrights round Xmas time:

“MOTHER!  I asked for the GLAZED YAMS!”
“Oh Rufus, just carry on playing your zither eat what’s on your plate. And can you tell your sister to eat less potatoes? She’ll never get that Marc Jacobs modelling deal that way.”

It did make you wonder why these two have never done a reality show together. Imagine the series cliff hanger where surprise guest Heather Mills pops to chez Lennon to share a cool glass of rat’s milk with the duo!

Sorry, can we wrap this up now? I’ve got ITV2 on the phone….