A lot of great artists have released Christmas songs or whole Christmas albums. The Beach Boys, Phil Spector, the Ramones, Run DMC, Bright Eyes and Bob Dylan’s recent festive album are just a few of the best and most surprising ventures into a realm which has become cluttered in recent years by depressing novelty and cynical marketing of talent show winners. So it’s always fun when new or experimental artists merge this necessary sentimentality with something more original or unexpected. For this reason I’ve invited a few of my favourite artists into the new office to perform a Christmas song or two, in our specially-constructed winter wonderland Christmas grotto. Imagine the opening scenes of Santa Claus recreated with a £15 budget in an old warehouse with graffiti on the walls and broken windows.

Slow Club get into the Christmas spirit most years by releasing a festive EP or playing a Christmas show. This year they’re doing both, which is probably why they agreed to come in and sing us a couple of the Christmas songs from their repertoire on a cold afternoon.

Slow Club - Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)

Christmas, Thanks For Nothing EP is available now.