Fuck! Threesomes.

... not like it is in the movies More
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(Edited) First Date Tips

Dating is a social minefield and datinghandbook.net is your Diana. I've edited one of their helpful articles about first date etiquette to make it a bit more realistic. More
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FUCK! Girl-on-girl action. To penetrate or tribadate?

"Imagine trying to put on a bracelet that’s too small for you, one that may require you to soap up your hand if you are to even hope of getting it on" More
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Teenfotainment - Your First Date

More pearls of wisdom form 50s America. This time, learn how to ace your first date and get the girl - sort of. More
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Teenfotainment - How do you know it's love?

See what advice 'the man' dished out to kids in the 50s on issues like love, marriage, and something called 'going steady'. More
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Awesome doomy doom hole

Lets all go to Terkmenistan More
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Crime might just pay

Crime can be very lucrative, but only for a short period of time. Here is the gold plated evidence. More
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