This week we explore the wonderful world of girl on girl lezza sex.  Our resident girl slaying machine talks us through clits, fists, first time fumbles and the mighty bowling ball manoeuvre.  Something to learn here for everyone…

First things first, the teenage years.  When and how did your lesbian sex life start?  How was the base to base progression in the girl on girl world?

It is a little difficult to remember way back when I started having sex, but I remember it was INTENSE. When you’re gay it feels like you’ve had to wait a lifetime to screw.  I was in fact 14years old, well almost 15 and it was with a girl 6 years older than me. I’d had a crush on her for months and never really thought anything would happen, as it hadn’t before, but low and behold it did.

I used to stay in her bed most weekends as she lived in a flat with my friend but nothing ever happened. I used to lie next to her wishing I could touch her but I didn’t dare. One day she asked if I wanted a cuddle and I said yes… we lay together for hours cuddling and stroking but nothing more. I think we were both shit scared that the other person might not feel the same. After that I went home and then via text message really realised we both wanted more. How exciting! Unfortunately then we didn’t meet for months as we lived miles away. To fill the gap we started having Internet sex LOL through Internet chat and long pornographic emails. By the time we saw each other again it was pretty tense!

The sex we had is difficult to remember. It was twee.  Fingers first.  We didn’t really know what we were doing at first so it was a bit shit but because I fancied her so much it was HOT.  We used to fuck for hours, like 12 hours… only stopping for cheese toasty breaks.  That’s the good thing about being a lez, the marathon sessions.  I remember the first time she went down on me, we’d been out and stayed at my dad’s house and she just took my trousers off and pulled my legs off the couch and got on the floor. I think I still had my Blondie t-shirt on.

So in a dick free world, there’s the obvious personal choice of penetration.  From a little research I stumbled upon this on a lesbian sex advice page:

Question: What is Tribadism?

Answer: Tribadism involves rubbing your genitals against another person’s genitals or other body part. Many lesbians enjoy tribadism because they can involve their whole bodies. Also called “humping”, tribadism can involve straddling a partner’s leg, pubic bone or any other body part. Many women can orgasm just from this stimulation.

Is humping a big part of your sex life?  Can you get off with just a hump or do you need a little more to go all the way?
Interesting question.  I think most straight people would find it a little odd that so much pleasure could be derived from humping, but it can. Maybe it is different for me because I have my ‘hood’ pierced, which means a bar bangs against my clit when pressure is added.  This can be achieved by humping of some kind.  Clits are so sensitive; everyone should aim for that area anyway, so the right pressure in the right place, at the right speed can produce earth-shattering results. Ha.

A man I met whilst I was away in the summer amused me with a little humping story.  When he discovered I was a lesbian he was keen to tell me about the time he went out with a ‘lesbian’ from Brazil. God knows what they were doing together but I gather he didn’t get much out of it. She used to make him lie on his front so she could ‘hump his coccyx’ for hours! Well…until she came, which she did.  Not so great for him…

Personally I think you need at least a little penetration along the way. Say you’re naked with a girl and you’re ‘intertwined’ grinding away, it can get pretty hot and, well, wet… but then it’s always good to penetrate. Often finishes you off. You can get pretty close without though, picture the scene: up against a wall.

So to solve the situation, are strap ons the way forward or is there a better alternative?
I am not the queen of the strap on, but many a lez are fans. I’ve just never got round to it because my last girlfriend’s hands were the size of SPADES, it seemed rather unnecessary. It’s a pleasure to dominate, and be dominated, and I guess a strap-on (or hands the size of spades) facilitate this dynamic.  I think this confuses men as they assume that any interest in dick means interest in men, but think again.  A strap on is just a tool, like a dick is. Lesbians still like to fuck and be fucked, just not by a man. Width and depth is important, but it’s what you do with it that counts. Rhythm is important and teasing but then you must know when to bang it deep. Know what I mean?  I think fingers/hands can actually be very effective as they are flexible and you can make sure you’re hitting all the spots at the right time.

My favourite move has been affectionately termed ‘the bowling ball’ by bemused straight friends. Take note, it’s so effective it deserves a gold star. It’s basically supporting the idea that every hole is indeed a goal. Turn girl over so she’s face down, position yourself behind, one hand goes round her waist and down-use tips of your fingers gently on clit, then depending on preference the other hand facilitates fingers in each hole and finger/s rubbing just beneath clit (think bowling ball).  It’s definitely an end move, believe me it’s a winner.

And how about the physics defying fist?  Something to have a go at?

Some girls love fisting. It’s their favourite. Personally I don’t see the attraction giving or receiving such a bulky instrument. But I’m not a big fan of pain. I’d rather be adored than beaten.

I was once with a girl and we’d not yet had sex, to my surprise as soon and we started kissing and getting down to the pants she demanded I fist her. I was like…aye?! I haven’t even touched you yet…we haven’t even humped?  Turns out she doesn’t hump, its fist first.  Needless to say the size of her cunt evidenced that I was not the first to be challenged with this extreme and immediate desire.  It was very accommodating.  I didn’t enjoy it to be honest.  Felt like I was flopping around in there, it was very wet.  She wanted MORE, HARDER, FASTER, MORE. I considered calling down my housemate and asking for assistance, an extra fist, an engine?

Getting it in, well, as I said, ‘very accommodating’ but come on, it’s still a fist.  Imagine trying to put on a bracelet that’s too small for you, one that may require you to soap up your hand if you are to even hope of getting it on.  That was my method.  Once inside it posed a problem, amidst ‘HARDER, FASTER, MORE, MORE’ I was desperately trying to reassemble my hand inside her, to form a fist but I could not. The result being that I hurt my hand, and I hurt her internally because my nails had not been filed down to a safe, ‘I’m not going to cut the shit out of you if you make me go that hard and fast’ size.  She said she couldn’t walk for a week.

To fist or be fisted?
I would never consent to fisting. If you ever catch me sitting on a fist, it probably means I’m being raped.  Take a Polaroid and call the police. AND most importantly, get it the fuck out… somehow!