When you were a little kid, they told you the dinosaurs lived and reigned between 230 Million and 65 Million years ago.  These insanely huge and intensely murderous lizard monsters were stomping around all over the fucking world for MILLIONS of years.  It’s nice to imagine these guys running around literally where you’re sitting now, only millions of years removed — but realistically the ground would have been the dirt underground rather than the current surface (maybe roughly at the level where your body will be buried when/if you die, maybe deeper?).

This leaves a few questions lingering in the mind of any reasonably curious 8 year old: where the fuck did they go? And really, why did they all die around the same time?

The dominant theory explaining the abrupt disappearance of these badasses involves asteroids, volcanoes, cosmic shit, and atmospheric ash in various combinations.  The earth got fucked up suddenly on an unprecedented scale, and as a result the dinosaurs simply could not hang. They all died, got fossilized, maybe turned into oil (it’s debatable), and literally none made it through (unless you’re talking about those Plesiosaurs that live deep in the Congo)

Ok, so the volcanoes or asteroid smashed the earth and threw tons of shit up in the ozone. There’s dark, putrid ash covering the entire atmosphere of the earth, blocking the sun and preventing plants from surviving, which then triggers the death of the herbavores, which subsequently kills the carnivores by removing their food supply.

That’s the prevailing theory… but then how did all the mammals, lizards, birds, plants, and insects we see now survive and evolve right up until today?  They all hid in special bunkers with food, even the bugs, until the sun came back out? A worldwide pandemic that literally suffocates the earth wouldn’t allow certain species to survive and thrive until the present (por ejemplo: the modern form of cockroach appeared in the late Cretaceous, right when Tyrannosaurus was kicking ass)… the entire idea is FUCKING RETARDED — at this point as a child you should realize this makes no sense and that scientists are actually making shit up that “sounds about right” until some other dipshit comes along and disproves them somehow.

Because their entire careers hinge upon their made-up explanations continuing to be viable, scientists get fucking heated when you offer contradictory evidence that undermines their claims.  As a result, really insane scientific evidence of shit you can’t even imagine yet will often find itself challenged, distorted, obfuscated, and deemed ridiculous by the scientific establishment.  But just because it seems unbelievable doesn’t mean it isn’t true — it just means you’re used to seeing the world your way, which is cool, vibe on it, but don’t forget you’re usually wrong about everything.

They claim dinosaurs evolved into birds.  This should immediately strike everyone as retard to the max.  Just because they have similar hip bone structure and one time a guy found a fossilized dino that looked like it had feathers, they say that’s just how it happened. The baby dinos turned into baby birds! How wonderous!  This makes no sense and is an insult to your intelligence — there’s literally no fossil record showing any evidence of any organisms ever existing that would constitute the evolutionary links between dinosaur and bird.  It jumps right from dino to bird, no intermediaries — how that happan gais? So that idea’s shit.

But forget birds and shit, I don’t care if the stupid chicken I’m chomping on right now had a great great greatxinfinity grandfather who was an Iguanadon in some swamp. The real concern here is, what if scientists found fossils of humans dating back infinitely further than the accepted timeline for human evolution would allow?  Like if they found a human skull that wasn’t 20,000 years old like the oldest modern Homo sapiens sapiens, but was tens of millions of years old.  It’d throw the entire theory of evolution into question, as well as our widely accepted views of the earth’s evolutionary history.  More importantly, it’d imply that human beings were alive and breathing at the same time as the latest, and arguably most badass, dinosaurs of the Cretaceous.  This view strikes
most people as a fucking looney tunes claptrap notion held by tongue-speaking Superchristians, but let’s ignore those retards and look at tha faxxx.

Miners have been digging up insane shit for hundreds of years, shit that goes largely ignored by the scientific community. Mind blowing type shit. Out here in California Gold Country in the 1800’s miners who sinking shafts into the side of Table Mountain discovered stone tools and human bones within the gold-bearing gravels beneath thick layers of volcanic latite. The implements included stone spoons, handles, and spearheads, and even an anatomically modern human jaw was unearthed.  As the State Geologist of California J.D. Whitney noted at the time, judging by the age of the auriferous gravels directly above the bedrock in which the artifacts were found, they date from anywhere between 33.2 million and 55 million years ago. MILLION! According to my TI-83 Plus Silver Edition that makes these tools over 15 times older than the oldest vaguely knife-shaped pebble science has attributed to humanity’s predecessors so far.

Maybe if it were just one fluke discovery in some weird mountain some ancient Indians used to bury tools hundreds of feet deep and then remove all evidence of any digging, we could write it off.  But the Calaveras Skulls knows better.

February 1866: Mr. Mattinson, principle owner of the Bald Hill mine near Angels Creek removed a fossilized skull from a layer of gravel 130 feet below the surface of the earth.  Whitney examined the skull, which was similarly found beneath a series of distinct layers of volcanic material, implying that it came from a period before volcanic activity in the region began, and presented a report to the California Academy of Sciences on July 16, 1866.  He concluded the skull was indeed found in the Pliocene strata, i.e. this shit is so fucking old that it doesn’t make a ton of sense.

Essentially there’s evidence that human beings have existed for millions of years longer than the established story of human evolution could ever allow.  The Smithsonian cockblocked J.D. Whitney and claimed everything was a hoax despite incontrovertible evidence to the contrary, but of course they would — this shit challenges the entire foundation of evolutionary theory and casts doubt on the narrative of the development of modern man we’re so familiar with. As some motherfucker named William Holmes at the Smithsonian said,

“…we have here one of the greatest marvels yet encountered by science; and perhaps if Professor Whitney had fully appreciated the story of human evolution as it is understood to-day, he would have
hesitated to announce the conclusions formulated, notwithstanding the imposing array of testimony with which he was confronted.”

In other words, if the facts don’t fit the favorite theory, the facts have just gotta go, no matter how compelling an array evidence you have.

Even though you look down your nose at the religious fanatics that continually fuck up our world with their intolerance and annoying superstitions, a tuff fact of life seems to be that science and religion are equally dogmatic and equally founded on assumptions, half-truths, and distortions. Science is the religion of today pure and simple, and it is no more innocent of suppressing truth and rejecting rational debate than the established religions we all love to hate.