Old cameras with plastic lenses are great.  Everyone loves them because it makes everything look like it’s from the 70s, or a family photo from a Russia, but I suppose the problem is that you have to pay for film and then take them to the camera shop to get them developed.


This is the same with Super 8, which is amazing to look at but a massive fucker to get developed, and you also need to have a projector and blah blah.

I read this blog quite a lot, it’s all about those sort of cameras, and it recently had a review of the solution to all my/your film processing problems -  the Digital Harinezumi camera.  This is a palm sized digital camera with a plastic lens, and a special chip that makes everything look like my uncle’s 1971 Christmas photos or a 60’s astronaut’s family film from all those documentaries. There’s loads of examples of photos and video from it on Flickr and YouTube, I’ve been trawling them all weekend, getting a photography boner off them.

I really, really want one.

(I promise this isn’t a proper plug, no money or gifts have exchanged hands, Maybe you could call this a preemptive plug, because I’d love it if someone sent me one?)

digital harinezumi - motomachi from nick dangerfield on Vimeo.