Them Thangs has been a Platform office favourite for as long as our macs have been hooked up to the internet. Back when we were still in our old office Bob and I would spend hours every morning (and most of the afternoon) scrolling through pages and pages of awesome images - each one worthy of a magazine cover or LP sleeve. Then one day, without warning, the best photo blog on the internet was gone, replaced by a message about bandwidth being exceeded and an unsure future.

Naturally Bob and I were devastated and in that moment we knew something had to be done. Bob fired off an e-mail and to our relief it was more of a hiatus than a closure and in time Them Thangs would rise, phoenix-like, from the flames.

Now, Them Thangs is ‘back like cooked crack’ and to celebrate this we spoke to the man behind the blog. But that’s only half of it, the great man himself has agreed to hijack our miscjpg post once a month to sprinkle some Them Thangs magic over Platform. This is the first of these special monthly events.

Hey Them Thangs, tell us a bit about yourself.
My name is Justin, I was born and raised in Los Angeles and I’ve been working in Design, Art Direction and motion graphics for the last 7 years. Right now I’m living in Amsterdam working as an Art Director with agencies here.

How and why did you start the blog?
It started mostly out of boredom… It really started with me dumping 250 of my favorite found photos into a blank dreamweaver document and posting it on my personal site as

Does it have a conscious theme?
There is a loose, hard to pinpoint theme, but most importantly, it’s the stuff I like.

So what makes it different from any other photo blog?
I think what set Them Thangs apart is the fact that I use so many images per page, often high resolution, laid out with no descriptions, links, or texts.

You always find the best images that I’ve seen nowhere else, where do you get them from, or is it a secret?
That is the million dollar question! I pull much of it from other blogs or archived collections on the internet. Lately I have been scanning things out of a collection of vintage magazines I have - from Thrasher to Easyriders, Hot Rod magazines etc.

Any plans to develop the blog, or will you keep going on as it?
In its most recent incarnation it has changed a little bit from the original. It now has a sidebar, some news, info, and links. But most importantly there are no advertisements, and you can always close the sidebar to view it as a simple page of images. I think it may continue to grow and change but those qualities that make it different from other sites will always remain.

But that’s enough chit chat. Here are 100+ Them Thangs images for you to go nuts over.

Justin will return next month with more from Them Thangs.