The Drums are a band from Florida/New York.  Their first gig in the UK was a couple of months ago, with Boy George and a man eating KFC out of a bucket in attendance.  Their songs are big on whistling and New Wave, and The Industry likes them a lot.  Guitarist Jacob also has his own label Holiday Records which gives a song a way a week, including up and comers Surfer Blood and Knight School.  I spent the day with them as they had a radio session and ate pringles.  Here’s the video to their song ‘Let’s Go Surfing’…

Here is the band in full on band mode.  I call this one ‘Band of Brothers…Band’

L to R: Jonny, Jacob, Adam, Connor.

The day we hung out the big stories were the postal strike and Jordan’s boyfriend in drag.  I don’t care what Lewis says, that’s a paper.

This photo was sitting on a piano in the radio studio. Absolutely no idea who she is or why she’s there, but I love black and white acting headshots.  I love them so much.

Jacob: We should ask our fans to throw food on the stage.  Put in interviews what we would like, “Jacob would like a peanut butter jelly sandwich”.

This is where we got him the peanut butter and jelly (JAM).

What a front man.  Jonny made me feel like his best friend while still remaining utterly mysterious and full of John Hughes style wonder.

Adam’s tattoo.

CONNOR’S STEP ONE OF GETTING A SULTRY PHOTO: Cover your head with your jacket

CONNOR’S STEP TWO OF GETTING A SULTRY PHOTO: Let your jacket slide down slightly. Pringles not imperative.


Adam on the left really reminded me of Michael Cera, he didn’t particularly like that, but I meant it as a compliment.  Jacob’s sense of humour was so dry you could sandpaper your floor with it.

I love how ‘Action’ this one is.

Adam: I have a money making scheme - drum jeans. A drum pad in the jeans to practise on.

Connor: [Above] Call them dreans

Jacob: I have a money making scheme - how about everyone pays me to tell them to shut up?

Jacob: It’s been a while since you’ve seen our show. I breathe fire now.

Connor: We should have an album completely sponsored by, not a label, but a comapany
Jonny: Like Pepsi
Conor: Why has no one done that? Let’s start a revolution
Jonny: Like Pepsi

Jonny: We’ve been wined and dined by labels, but that was more the last time we were here. We think we’ve peaked.

They all had excellent footwear.

Jonny was downing this concoction of lemon and honey water.

Adam: Boy George is our friend now. Kind of. He took us out for lunch last week

These guys are going to be massive, I predict.