Getting back to nature is important- things like fishing remind you that you’re just an animal like a monkey or a lion and that things like work, relationships and Jordan IV’s don’t mean anything because you are really just a carnivore pitted against the elements and doing your best to survive.

This weekend we went to a pond in Leytonstone to be reminded of the above. It worked out really well and I took some really great photographs.

Fast food is cheaper the further you get outside of London. These double hot dogs were only £1.80 and set us up for the day of fishing perfectly.

We found a decent spot, but thought there’d be a tackle shop nearby, which there wasn’t. We spent some time enjoying the sun.

Blaise arrived on his girlfriend’s fold up bike with an Argos bag full of brand new fishing equipment. He really saved the day, as the conversation was starting to dry up fast.

Blaise brought drinks and a stereo. He’s like the Pimms O’Clock guy, except posher.

Mark is from the Midlands, so has had to forage and hunt for food his entire life. He showed us how to set it all up.

It was nothing like this all day, I don’t even drink. I just posed for this because I love taking my top off. I look great don’t I?

James and I hired a boat to see if the fish would bite further out from the shore. Here’s James wearing some purple shorts, eating a strawberry flake and saying he’s not too keen on rowing. Make up your own mind about that one.

Mark was a lot more manly and steadfast. Here he is grimly attaching a worm to our hook. I think it’s called ‘Northern grit’.

Rather optimistically, we brought a load of salads from Marks and Spencer to go with the fish we were sure we were going to catch. It was very middle class (except for Mark).

Chris clutched his satchel like a comforter the whole time he was in the boat. He looked like a timid Hunter S Thompson.

It got adorably Swallows and Amazons at one point.

This was seriously the only thing that we caught all day. I think it’s a ball-gag.

The fishing got rather depressing as nothing was biting except for sex toys so we did some skidding. Here’s Chris almost losing control of the nerd bike.

Mark got frustrated with the rest of us making such a hash of everything and went out on his own. He looks a picture of tranquility doesn’t he?

He got bored of himself eventually and came back on land to tear up the gravel.

Here’s Blaise on the way home. A recent article in a really out of touch newspaper said he was really cool. Here he looks like a toddler on a day out crossed with Sideshow Bob on an accountant’s work bike.

At this roadside Cafe on the way home there was a biker in a Tutu. It was a great day.

PS. Hey punk fans! John from Down By Law has a fishing TV show called Fishing with John, where he takes people like Tom Waits and Jim Jarmusch fishing. Check it, even if you only watch the incredible opening credits.