Meet Dora. She’s my great aunty (emphasis on the great) as well as the all-time, undisputed, heavyweight champion of my world. I fuckin love her. Yeah, I’m passionate about this small, elderly, candyfloss dream and you would be to if you met her. She is quite literally the sweetest most adorable person in the world. Fact.

I dropped by her teeny, toasty, two up - two down last week for a fish supper. She’s lived at number 7, Matlock Drive most her life and every time l trot over to see her, there she is; nestled in her favourite chair with a massive grin and ‘cuppa cha’.

Everything about her is supremely kitsch; she is a jedi master in the art of miniature pottery animals and miscellaneous nik-naks.  Her ability to blend a pastel sock combo with her peach fuzz rinse and finish it all off with a daring primary coloured twin set blows my mind. I am left inspired after each visit, see my current blue rinse for further details.

Great Aunty Dora is a supreme being, the closet thing to perfection l have found during my meager 23 years, and l wanted to selflessly share her with you. She may not be young fresh and hot, but she is honest, wise and beautiful.

Hey Aunty Dora, what’s up!
Oh, not much, just been busy with some household jobs, changing my bed, washing. My Daughter Sue comes up on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. l’m going to cook up my Sunday dinner for us; today it’s meat and potato pie and a whole load of vegetables. Mmmmm.

Been up to much lately?
In the week I go on a mobility bus for a visit to different places, garden centers, shopping centers, and a couple of weeks ago I went to Blackpool lights. I need to be in a wheelchair as I can’t walk that well. Also my friends and family pop in for a chat during the week.

And how do you take time out?
I like to read. I like Catherine Cookson books and films on the television, war films especially. I also like Strictly Come Dancing and I really like to watch cooking programmes.

What you looking forward to doin’ next week then?
I am looking forward to Xmas. I always look forward to my weekly trips on the mobility bus.

How long have you lived in your house?
I have lived in this house 61 years.

I LOVE it! You decorated and collected everything in here yourself; have you just hoarded all those bits and bobs through the years?
I have collected bits and bobs through the years, especially from my holidays in Capri, The Canary Islands, Majorca,Tunisia, Tangiers, Malta, Gibraltar, France, Belgium, Spain, Holland, and Italy.